Contact Websites Are Good For Extra Lead Generation


Almost every website has a “Contact Us” page. It is the second most important page a website must have because it connects the site owner to visitors and a great tool for lead generation. Having a contact us page is like having a hub for getting in touch with your company. Displaying your phone numbers in your headers is great. Having your phone numbers on every page is smart but this strategic placement cannot replace a well-crafted Contact Us page. Failing to have your contact information or even making it difficult to find within the site can be disappointing. The additional seconds it takes to skim your page can cost you a customer. Make sure a “Contact Us” link is in your primary navigation and easily accessible by visitors.

Your contact page does not only provide a way for visitors to connect with you but it offers multiple contact options including getting general feedback, service request and asking questions. It also delivers assurance of assistance that you’re just a click away when they need you. Sometimes, contacting you is the only way for visitors to get the information they need to make a purchase decision. When they feel you can be reached easily and can answer their concern they are more likely to buy from you. Having visible contact information like the ACM Group Contact provides confidence and security.

Your contact us page is crucial in your online marketing. It must provide a phone number, physical address, e-mail address, social media links, a map and lead generation contact form. This page gives the visitors the option of calling, emailing or driving to your place. If you’re a brick and mortar business, it’s a good idea to display a map with driving direction to your store. If you have specific hours of operation, it’s best to display your hours on your contact us page. This will let visitors know of the best time to visit or get a response.

Online contact form is a series of questions filled out by your visitor that is automatically sent to your database when it is filled out. It is far better than simple email links on your website. Visitors can contact you directly without having to open their email account to send a message 24/7. You can respond on your time, but be sure to respond the soonest possible time or within 24 hours at the most. Reduce your contact form to as little information necessary as possible. More people will be willing to fill out a shorter form and you will be able to generate more leads. A well designed contact form is a great lead capture tool which delivers new prospects and repeat customers to your business.

Adding a live chat option can help keep customers on your site. It enables them to ask question and get relevant answer before they run off to another site. Just make sure you have a staff that is skilled in customer service that can answer questions satisfactorily. Trust level diminishes when visitors are not secure with your ability to respond to their needs, either before or after the sale. Your ability to get a sale is reduces without a strong level of trust. By responding promptly you increase the trust level resulting to increased leads and sales. A well designed Contact Us page saves you time and money by providing a convenient communication tool with your prospects and customers. It helps improve visitor-to-prospect conversion ratio and return on investment.


Horse Racing SEO Lead Generation & Social Media


When you have a horse racing site or horse racing tipping site, online visibility is extremely important. To convert visitors into punters require attracting them to your site in an effectual manner. Horse racing SEO is conceivably one of the most significant strategies for horse racing sites to get easily found online. It is designed to make the website pull the search engine and enable it to rank higher on search listing. Proper SEO technique will ensure volume of traffic to the site, it will generate leads and there will be return on investments.

It is not easy for horse racing site to rank higher on search terms such as “horse racing” or “free racing tips” because a large number of sites are already ranking high for those keyphrases. Find keyphrases that are highly searched for with low competition from other sites and optimise your site for these phrases. You can go for long tail keyphrases. For example: horse racing tips Sydney, free bets Sydney horse racing, Sydney horse racing tips. Find out the amount of competition for these phrases with Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Once you found the right keyphrases, you can optimise the content of your website. If you’re unsure how to do it right, it is highly recommended to employ an SEO expert. They will help you attract larger amount of clientele to your site and ensure profitable results.

In the past, horse racing fans need to read the papers or listen to the radio to get news on their favourite horses. Over the years the technological evolution has affected the sport. The wonder of technology has given us social media. Today, horse racing fanatics can use social media to get real time news on their favourite horses. Twitter became the primary source of racing news. They can follow horse racing bloggers  and trainers like Gai Waterhouse for news, tips and commentaries. Even the tracks provide breaking news  on social media and stay ahead of developing stories by monitoring social media conversation.

Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram helped grow horse racing fan base. These sites were able to let viewers experience the thrill and excitement of the sport. Horse racing fans around the world were introduced to each other and they can now join and participate in discussion on their favourite sport. Social media gave the voice to the common fans, now they can comment on the race after it’s been run. Because people gravitate to social media, it helps drive web traffic to horse racing sites and help build their brand position. Aside from it social media also helps generate leads for horse racing betting sites.

Once horse racing fans are attracted to the social media fan pages, the next step is to convert them into leads then punters. There are variety of ways your social media pages can help capture leads. If you have a lead generation form on your website, you can add customized tabs on Facebook to facilitate lead capture. You can add “Contact Us”, “Click here” or “Subscribe” tab to easily capture leads without sending punters away from Facebook. Competition can increase page likes and generate leads. Use competition to gather extra information on your potential customers. You can encourage people to join your competition by asking for their email address or personal information before joining. Choose a prize that will attract punters to join. Pro Group Racing has a Free Trifecta competition on Facebook. The winner wins $200 if he is able to guess the first, second and third winning horses.

Potent Call-to-Action links will encourage visitors to give their email address or phone number. You can also use a good image or a tip to enhance your message. When a visitor clicks on the link, they should be sent to a relevant landing page where they can fill their information and your sales team can begin conversation with them. Your existing customers can become your brand ambassadors. Make your existing customer active on your page by encouraging them to join conversation. Thank them for their participation and give them relevant content to be shared with their friends.

Cross promote all your social media accounts on your profiles and updates. Post your blog on Facebook, Tweet your Pins, and share your Instagram photos. Involve your social media accounts in your horse racing SEO and lead generation efforts.  You need to have tenacity and patience, don’t expect your site to rank high on search engine within the first six months. It takes a lot of time and hard work in writing relevant content and optimising your site to make it more visible to people.

Psychics Getting Digitally Not Just Spiritually Connected

Psychics are often seen as a mainstay of the New Age but increasingly they are finding the need to connect with the digital realm not just the spiritual realm. Even though a number of individuals find their practice to be a bit old fashioned, a lot of psychics are getting their fair share of success in the online community. Psychics are now getting digitally not just spiritually connected and this is quite apparent on how accessible their services as well as their online presence has become.

When people Google phrases such as “psychic” or “phone psychic” they can very quickly tap into psychics who themselves can then start to tap under the table. As mentioned earlier, it is now quite easy to look for psychics over the internet which works great to their favor as it helps popularize their practice. There is no denying that a lot of physics have taken the back seat particularly in this modern and present day where innovation and new technologies are just around the corner. This is the reason why psychics today find it difficult to attract the attention of their target audience. With that being said, a number of psychics today are able to find success by integrating their services over the internet as well.

You will find no shortage of psychic related articles and posts in the online media space today. This helps spread the much needed information about psychics towards the online community especially since their practice and profession is now considered to be target for a niche market. It should be noted that New York was the media capital of the world–and that, of course, includes mediums. If you are near the neighborhood, you will find the best psychics in New York which include mentalists, palm readers, clairvoyants, astrologers and even shamans. Of course, there is also June Field, who is known as the world’s best psychic having won the 2012 champion of the International Battle of the Psychics.

Aside from June Field, there are also other professional psychics who are recognized for their fine work in their respective profession around the world. Here are the 10 best known psychics which is a great reference for individuals who wish to get in touch with these known psychics in the near future. A lot of online users also have accidentally stumbled on articles such as these and many have bookmarked them for future use. Also aside from online reference and websites, a lot of physics also provide their services through the phone for easy access and reach. Phone psychics Australia offers a huge amount of convenience to their clients as there is no need to visit or find their physical location. Phone psychics are able to give an assessment of their clients through the phone and schedule for an appointment in the near future if the need calls for them to do so. Most of these phone psychics have also setup their services over the internet setting up their respective websites for the online community to visit and view.

It is good to hear that psychics are not very far off from the modern trends that are found today. This helps them be up to date while with the latest innovation while at the same time become relevant to their online audience.

Locksmiths’ Removalists’ Pest Control & Plumbers All Turning To Lead Generation

Lead generation has become one of the most sought after service over the internet. A huge number of companies and business owners make use of lead generation to pique the interest and attention of their target audience. This has been quite a common practice in several industries making it fair popular in this present day and age. With that being said, lead generation is not only bound to companies and business owners as more and more individuals are making good use of its services. Blue collar industries turning to lead generation in an effort to have their services heard to the public in a timely and effective manner.

As mentioned earlier, blue collar industries are nowadays some of the most aggressive early adopters of lead generation websites. A blue-collar worker is a working class person who performs manual labour. Their field of work however, should not be taken lightly as they play a very important role in the society. For that matter, blue-workers are also taking the initiative and are gunning for a noticeable and strong online presence. This includes professions such as locksmiths, removalists, pest control & plumbers. A huge number of these individuals have now setup and established their respective websites for ease of access and contact. This in turn makes it easier to get in touch with them over the internet to setup a future appointment.

As mentioned earlier, blue-collar industries are the usually the ones that are willing to take the much needed risk as they test the waters out in the online industry. When the .sydney GTLD domains were released, it was incredible to see the price of selling for over $4000. This is the reason why it’s no surprise that we are suddenly seeing websites such as that have excellent high quality graphics in the online media space while providing their clients with the necessary service on a regular day to day basis. Another website that’s appeared in the locksmiths’ space is which is starting to rank well for a range of terms. This bodes well for both locksmiths as well as with their clients as they are able to find each other over the internet. Also, in the removalists’ space, close-to-exact-match domains such as are also appearing to compete in this very competitive market.

All in all, the blue-collar industries are taking the necessary efforts to become much more visible to their target audience and are not mostly focusing their attention in the online community. Their endeavors truly did not go to waste as they are now generating leads and traffic turning online visitors into potential clients and customers in the near future. This is quite apparent especially with millions of online users who are active in the internet. These individuals are often exposed to advertisements and marketing campaigns. Also they may find the need to look for a particular service online in several search engine websites. Through lead generation, these online users will most likely find what a variety of services that they need such as locksmiths, removalists, pest control & plumbers.

If you are a blue-collar worker yourself, you may find the need to advertise and promote your services over the internet. Fortunately, lead generation is now made easier and more accessible to a huge number of individuals with readily available help of the professionals. Find them today!

Even Menopause Treatments Benefit From a Lead Generation Website


Businesses today don’t have to sit at trade shows or set up a display to get targeted consumers, they can have leads generated by using digital technology and the internet. Lead generation is a process of getting qualified leads through a website or several websites developed by lead generation agencies that promote and advertise product or services. Leads are generated when a customer completes an online request form. The leads are verified and submitted through email with full contact information and purchasing requirements.

Lead generation is useful for both consumer and service providers. Consumers are able to request information on products or services they are looking for and service providers have the opportunity to offer their services. Consumers and service providers both benefit from using lead generation websites. These sites produce more qualified leads with higher conversion rate than cold contacts. Lead generation is a useful marketing tool; it could work for just about any business even menopause treatment clinic can benefit from a lead generation website.

Consumers research on the internet before making a purchase. Website lead generation acts like a calling card and brand to the world. This serves as an extension of the owners primary website. The choice of color, high resolution images to detail-specific Question and Answer presentation of the FAQ Page are all aimed to capture viewers’ attention, make them stay on the page and convert them to leads. Creating a lead generation website for a menopause treatment clinic is a great collaboration. We asked them what are the end results they are trying to achieve with their content for the site’s information architecture. Then, we determine the top navigation categories and the content of each page. By learning what they want to achieve on each page we define a collection of related links depending on the content.

A responsive design was used on their site to adapt to different devices. A careful design guarantees optimal user experience that works well on all medium. We work to have an effective content structure for each part of the website. We also consider the audience for each page and the path for which to guide them. We encourage them to write blog post with dynamic content to engage web visitors. The page content is user friendly and designed to optimise search. Overall the website is design to help the clinic for their future marketing and online lead generation activities.

Our lead generation sites monitor every visitor and give valuable information to the site owner. Website lead generation is also integrated with content management system like WordPress to track information on pages and capture lead data. The information from our lead generation websites is stored and updated once a visitor engages. If you’re looking for qualified leads, website lead generation can help grow your business quickly. It’s an easy way to increase your return on investment and get more business at your door. Our business-savvy support team is willing to help you with a quick and professional solution to any ranking or lead generation problems.

Lead Generation for Furniture Stores

Lead Generation for Furniture Stores

Nowadays, furniture is not all about functionality alone. It’s evolved to become part of home decor with a distinct style and personality of its own that’s expected to coordinate with the home’s ambiance. Thousands of furniture stores thus struggle to live up to this, with the majority incorporating breathtaking entertainment units, together with outstanding designs and styles. Today, furniture stores of all types warm the market, each of them hoping to attract more customers. But how do you get all these people flocking into your store?

Chances are you looking after a marketing tactic that will not only boost your sales, but also constantly bring you new buyers.

Currently, internet lead generation has been credited as an outstanding approach when it comes to driving site visitors. You will find numerous lead generation techniques out there. Whichever approach you chose, it’s vital that you identify your target audience first. Thereafter, customize your approach in a way that will arrest their attention and win their hearts to your business. Sounds simple, right? Well, let’s take a look a few.


Your website of lead generation for furniture stores must be attractive, well-designed, search engine friendly and simply mind blowing to the reader. Of course you don’t want your future customers to be frustrated once they land on your page. Having a top spot on the search engines will also bring you more leads.

Another key thing is to look for search terms/keywords that merely get searched on every day. Alternatively, as a beginner, you can use the Google keyword tool to navigate about this. But for more excellent results, you’ll definitely need to outsource the services of experts.

Social media

Social media marketing doubles up as the foremost online lead generation. Here are some simple steps to go about this:

• Create appropriate social media profiles- Ensure it vividly explains the products in your furniture store, your store’s location, policies and any other information that is vital and interesting to the reader like your entertainment units. In fact, your social media profile will simply determine the reception you get.

• Promote social presence- Soon after you have established your profile, go full scale on advertising. Have regular interactions on Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Flickr, Myspace, to name just a few.

• Socially engage- Share attractive content. Make it refreshing in a way that will keep potential and normal customers glued.

• Monitor and respond to conversations and inquiries- People will post and inbox you their questions concerns and suggestions. Be sure to respond right away and keep them engaged. Soon as they feel part of the business, they will be attracted to it.


Come up with worthwhile content on your website where visitors will subscribe and get the news on the regular. This will act as a good way to generate leads since most subscribers will avail to you their name, as well as email.

Company blog

Apart from a website, you can also create a blog. It’s one of the best way to communicate to your customers. Just like in social media, you can post information about your company, promotions, offers etc. Even big companies like Ford, Logitech have this.

Other massively effective lead generation approaches include putting together a mailing list, making use of Facebook ads, Search Engine Marketing, pay per click programs and many more others.

Any business person will hint to you that this is the key to success in business. When you consider lead generation for furniture stores, it’s pretty clear that it will lead people right into your furniture store if you do it right. So there you have it. As much as there are many areas you could focus on to make your furniture business successful, lead generation is one marketing tactic you can’t actually ignore.

Lead Creation for a Chlamydia Clinic in Sydney

So much has taken place ever since the advent of modern technology. One thing that can’t elude our attention though is internet marketing. Well, you’ve possibly heard about lead creation. It’s one effective internet technique that has helped companies, organization and institutions alike develop a reliable and fast way of boosting connections and performance.

In the case of a clinic, lead creation will be handy in creating a connection to potential consumers who highly seek the services and medical products the clinic has to offer. Today’s world is technical and getting the world to know what you have to offer also calls for an intelligent approach. As you may be aware, Chlamydia is a common infection among the youth. This is why Sydney Chlamydia Clinics has become a popular search terms due to this. Many thus seek after good Chlamydia clinics in Sydney that will assist them have the infection under control. Now, how do you tap into such a group of patients? It’s simple. Here’s how.

Although the idea of leasing a website may come off as new to many, most who’ve taken up the idea have amazing stories to tell.

The content on the site is simply amazing, especially to the youth. It’s been structured in a way that will capture their attention all through to the end. How? You may ask. Let’s start from the trendy social media issues like the captivating piece we did about weirdest condoms ever, or the recent intriguing piece on 12 songs that mention sexual diseases. Both had great readership among the youth, thus you can be sure to have great leads should information concerning them as well gets access to the site.

We pretty sure understand the kind of tone you’ll need to get the message out there well. It is a tone that will highlight the key aspects in a way that doesn’t throw away the readers soon as they land on the first sentence of the first paragraph. Well, our tone is a blend of contemporary yet slightly medical tone, one that is sure to get your message clear to the targeted audience.

Many factors go into place in coming up with a brilliant website, the design being among the top elements. An extraordinarily charming look will instantly attract people to your website, of course, with the assistance of effective search engine optimization. Well, this has been one of the factors behind the breathtaking lead creation potential of our home page. Check it out and see this for yourself.

One other interesting and fascinating thing about the site is the nightclub representation. Statistics have always indicated that youths aged 15-29 compromise the largest portion of those who contract this infection. What this basically implies is that the site has great youth readership representation which makes it an ideal zone for Chlamydia related information.

What we aim to provide is to publicize and enhance online credibility and visibility of the clinic through enhanced lead quality. Note that success rates using lead creation are far higher as opposed to cold contacts since the prospects are pre-qualified before they get to you. You can’t surely afford to miss this opportunity.

Lead Generation for Self Managed Super Funds

Everyone is trying to find ways they can stand out and build their business. Sadly though, this has been a living nightmare for many. More often than not, this is brought about by lack of quality leads for their business. Today, lead generation techniques have evolved into something every business needs to survive.

To generate a potential customer’s interest in your product or company, lead generation has to be your top marketing tool. Self-Managed Super Funds are known to be attractive with immense potential to offer great retirement’s plans and benefits. But how do you get this out there?

SMSF Self-managed super funds

There are plenty of superannuation funds all providing amazing retirement fund plans. But none comes close to SMSFs due to their extensive range of plans and other services. But that alone is not enough to put them on everyone’s map. They still need quick results, increased productivity and reduced costs, which can only be achieved through lead generation.

Normally, the company itself can do this or it can as well hire someone else to do it. It’s done through internet, and it demands skill, competence and experience. Either the company itself or the hired agency comes up with websites on which the services for which the leads are to be generated are promoted. Upon reaching those websites, the potential customers complete an online request form requesting information from the company. Note that the way you interact with the customers has to be sort of persuasive, but in a gentle way of course, in order to convert potential customers into loyal customers.

In addition, always remember to create an interesting and attractive impression such that the moment a potential customer lands on the particular page, they’ll be quick to decide to buy into your ideas. Here’s a list of other options that SMSFs can use to get more leads

• LinkedIn Marketing
• List builders
• E-newsletters
• Free classifieds
• Forum marketing
• Blogging
• Content/Article marketing
• Social media marketing

One other key aspect is the keyword research. Here is the search volume for SMSF consultants just within Australia:

smsf 6600 local searches per month

self managed super funds 4400 local searches per month

self managed super fund 2400 local searches per month

self managed super 770 local searches per month

As you can see, it’s pretty clear the numbers are quite high. So how does one make good use of that? Well, one common way would be through search engine optimization. Optimizing the keyword use in your web content could get your site high on the giant search engines, and, as a result, generate more leads for you.

Lead management

In order to have correct figures for your return on investment, you’ll definitely need to follow up on the performance of your leads. Hired agencies can perform the task quite well for you.

Bottom line

Both in-house and outsourced lead generation bring admirable results. SMSFs target many potential customers, who by good chance can come across the leads and end up as members of the organization. Overall, as observed above, lead generation is like the lifeblood of any business, and the choice to make the desired change entirely lies with the management. Don’t let this go to waste, choose wisely

Financial Services Lead Generation

Financial Services Lead Generation

A lot of people at one point in their lives experience financial difficulties, and when this happens, most of them often look at loans as a way to help them solve their problems.

One of the websites we built for lead generation is This site is specifically designed to provide loans for people with bad credit so that they get the funding they need.

The sales conversion of an average website is around 1% to 2% and in most business websites, 95% of the visitors, especially first timers are there to just look around. Although some are already looking to purchase, what they see from the site determines whether or not it’s going to be a go or a no. While the main objective of a website is to sell a product, capturing leads have proven to be equally important.

For this site we carefully chose the most in demand loans people with a bad credit history turn to when they need financial assistance. We found out that the most suitable terms and search volume traffic are:

personal loans 12,100 local searches per month

business loans 3,600 local searches per month

low doc loans 1,000 local searches per month

small loans 3,600 local searches per month

bad credit history loans 110 local searches per month

To make the site useful, informative and more interesting, we’ve added a resources page where people are able to see interest rates, blogs, glossary of terms and FAQ. We’ve also added a loan calculator tool so that interested parties can calculate their monthly repayments plus the interest they might save, as well as be able to get an estimate on how much they could borrow and afford to pay.

To generate leads, we’ve added a free online enquiry process wherein an interested buyer fills out a 30-second, no obligation form to be able to find out how much he/she can qualify for a loan.

Lead generation has brought about a more focused approach to the financial services market. In fact, the target leads who are expecting a call are most probably already looking to purchase your product.

When we created as one of our Lead Generation websites, the formula was quite simple: 1. Capture emails 2. Build and develop relationships 3. Add value 4. Sell the product.

For website design and lead generation solutions, we will be more than happy to discuss strategies with you.

Sharepoint Lead Generation

sharepoint sydney consultants lead generation

We set up a lead generation website for a Sharepoint consulting firm in Sydney, Australia. Here’s how it helps them generate more leads …


Websites come and go and a few stays especially since these are being setup and created in a day to day basis. It can be quite for newly established websites to leave a memorable mark in the online industry as the competition is fierce. Competition is just around the corner sometimes calling the online industry an open battlefield to some. With that being said, a number of companies and business owners were able to keep up with the pace allowing for their website to effectively reach its target audience in an effort to keep them relevant. Lead generation became an important deciding factor in helping website owners reach the top ranks.

Sharepoint consulting is a popular practice and they are used on a day to day basis by several companies in the present. Sharepoint is a tool used by companies to communicate internally with their clients, employees and their partners. Since the technology is still relatively new, confusion may arise especially to those who aren’t familiar on how it works. This is where the help of a consultant becomes quite handy as it allows companies easy integration of any sharepoint applications, tools, as well as designs for their company to use. Lead Generation was able to work hand in hand with their clients in creating an appropriate sharepoint website which their customers can use.

Design plays a very important role in the creation of a website. First impressions do last and having a captivating landing page allows for easy acquisition of customer interest which is done in an effective and timely manner. Aside from its basic design, a website needs to have a steady slew of online content in order for it to become an interesting site to visit. In addition, online content works relatively well with the SEO approach to effectively produce traffic and leads.

Sharepoint started from scratch when Lead Generation stumbled upon it. And now it is ready to serve a wide number of audiences on a day to day basis with its fully working website providing sharepoint consulting services on a regular basis. Of course, there are still more that can be done to help them consistently reach the top ranks of a search engine website. The reason behind this is that online rankings are not constant and they tend to move and change on a frequent basis. Websites owners can rest easy with help of lead generation – also called lead creation – providing them with assurance and belief.

Get help from the professionals as you work hand in hand together in producing the much needed leads effectively which is done in a short amount of time. Why buy when you can lease a website? The idea of leasing a website may still be quite new to your ears. With that said, the service itself is being practiced by a huge amount of companies and business owners for today and they are able to benefit greatly from the services that they provide. Check out our Lead Generation home page to find out more today.