In the world of SEO, there are so many questions that one can ask. However, one question rules them all: how long does SEO take? To be precise, how long does SEO strategies take to deliver results.

For some, the answer is black and white, others disagree. The truth is, a lot is dependent on your SEO strategy. And yes, a lot of things can go wrong. You don’t want this to happen.
And yes, you might be a great electrician, but are you great at electrical marketing? Chances are, you’ve built your business based on high-quality services, passion and experience. Congratulations!

Now, the hard part begins. Experience, passion and quality skills will not grow your business exponentially. You have to take the recent digital transformation into account. Remember, 97 percent of customers go online to find a local business. Further, the review generation and recommendation process is replacing the word of mouth as the primary source of leads.
Therefore, growing your electrical business requires you to market your services online. And SEO is the best marketing strategy online. For instance, ranking number one for garden lighting installation creates value that customers want in your firm.

What Should You Expect to See from SEO Within Six to 12 Months

A successful SEO campaign should deliver results within six to 12 months. What does this mean? Your business should experience an increase in traffic, leads and conversions.
And yes, it’s impossible to give a specific figure that applies to all websites. The best SEO can do is give the best-guess estimate by analyzing your industry, current performance and proposed SEO strategy. For example, while dentists also benefit from SEO running the success of their business, their success rate will be independent of yours.
Therefore, make effort to implement the right strategy for your industry. And 12 months will be enough to give a positive impact of SEO efforts in your firm.

The Factors Determining How Long It Takes to See Success from SEO

Do you want to know how long it takes for your electrical business to see SEO success? Take a look at factors determining this.

1. The Site History

Are you working on a new domain? Unlike the established one, a new domain takes time to deliver results. But why? It hasn’t earned any backlinks or authority in the industry. It should take nine to 12 months for a new domain to deliver results.
However, this doesn’t mean an established domain will automatically give quality results. No!

2. Available Competition

Results are far quicker in low competition niches than competitive ones. Trying to rank your website for competitive keywords may take up-to two years to gain prominent page 1 visibility. On the other hand, local and narrow competition keywords may show better results within six months.

3. Available Resources

You have no control over your competition or website history.

However, you can control the resources you commit towards SEO campaign. Allocating more resources towards SEO gives faster and quality results.


Does your website appear on the first page of SERPs when someone types “electrician near me”? If not, you’re losing on more leads, conversions thus hampering business growth. Remember, 97 percent of customers look for a local service online. Once on a search engine, 55% of these searches click on one of the top three results.
Investing in SEO strategies is the only way to rank high on search engines. Employing the right skills and resources ensures you’re getting quality results within 12 months.