We are seeing more and more franchises in Australia. According to statistics provided by Griffith University’s Asia-Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence and the Franchise Council of Australia, there are now 1 120 franchise brands operating in this country. Franchised outlets, generally, punch above their weight, as they come to the table with a raft of advantages. These advantages include much greater marketability, via their increased visibility in the marketplace through multiple presences and more effective advertising. Building better businesses: Franchises are a blue print for success in many instances. The retail sector, especially in those mega malls, like the Westfield shopping centres , which are chock full of franchised brands.

Franchise Brands on the Increase in Australia

In an increasingly crowded marketplace, the franchised brand get its message across with greater impact. The franchise blue print simplifies the business of making money when done well. Franchises deliver buying power and selling power to their operators. They now account for around 4% of all small businesses in Australia and that figure is growing. The proof, therefore, is in those figures, as more and more Aussie business people choose to turn to a franchise as the blue print for their businesses. Some 472 000 people are employed within franchise businesses, which is a lot of Australians.

A Successful Franchise Brand in the Kitchen Renovation Sector

Check out this example of a successful franchise brand in the kitchen renovation sector. Franchised businesses give the solo cabinet maker a much larger umbrella under which to run their kitchen makeover business. Where one small operation can achieve this much of the pie, in contrast to this, a franchised business can access a much larger piece of that pie. This is because of the marketing and administrative support they receive from the franchisor. The drum beats louder in a franchised brand and it beats more cost effectively.

Franchises Growing in Every Sector

Figures from the source mentioned earlier in this article indicate that 26% of brands operating in the retail sector are franchised. 19% pf franchised brands are found in the food and accommodation sectors. 15% of franchised brands are in the administration services industry. 10% of franchised brands are in the personal services and things like IT and automotive repairs. Building better businesses: Franchises are on the increase in most major sectors in the Australian business economy. Franchises are the smart way to succeed in 21C Australia.