Almost every website has a “Contact Us” page. It is the second most important page a website must have because it connects the site owner to visitors and a great tool for lead generation. Having a contact us page is like having a hub for getting in touch with your company. Displaying your phone numbers in your headers is great. Having your phone numbers on every page is smart but this strategic placement cannot replace a well-crafted Contact Us page. Failing to have your contact information or even making it difficult to find within the site can be disappointing. The additional seconds it takes to skim your page can cost you a customer. Make sure a “Contact Us” link is in your primary navigation and easily accessible by visitors.

Your contact page does not only provide a way for visitors to connect with you but it offers multiple contact options including getting general feedback, service request and asking questions. It also delivers assurance of assistance that you’re just a click away when they need you. Sometimes, contacting you is the only way for visitors to get the information they need to make a purchase decision. When they feel you can be reached easily and can answer their concern they are more likely to buy from you. Having visible contact information like the ACM Group Contact provides confidence and security.

Your contact us page is crucial in your online marketing. It must provide a phone number, physical address, e-mail address, social media links, a map and lead generation contact form. This page gives the visitors the option of calling, emailing or driving to your place. If you’re a brick and mortar business, it’s a good idea to display a map with driving direction to your store. If you have specific hours of operation, it’s best to display your hours on your contact us page. This will let visitors know of the best time to visit or get a response.

Online contact form is a series of questions filled out by your visitor that is automatically sent to your database when it is filled out. It is far better than simple email links on your website. Visitors can contact you directly without having to open their email account to send a message 24/7. You can respond on your time, but be sure to respond the soonest possible time or within 24 hours at the most. Reduce your contact form to as little information necessary as possible. More people will be willing to fill out a shorter form and you will be able to generate more leads. A well designed contact form is a great lead capture tool which delivers new prospects and repeat customers to your business.

Adding a live chat option can help keep customers on your site. It enables them to ask question and get relevant answer before they run off to another site. Just make sure you have a staff that is skilled in customer service that can answer questions satisfactorily. Trust level diminishes when visitors are not secure with your ability to respond to their needs, either before or after the sale. Your ability to get a sale is reduces without a strong level of trust. By responding promptly you increase the trust level resulting to increased leads and sales. A well designed Contact Us page saves you time and money by providing a convenient communication tool with your prospects and customers. It helps improve visitor-to-prospect conversion ratio and return on investment.