When you have a horse racing site or horse racing tipping site, online visibility is extremely important. To convert visitors into punters require attracting them to your site in an effectual manner. Horse racing SEO is conceivably one of the most significant strategies for horse racing sites to get easily found online. It is designed to make the website pull the search engine and enable it to rank higher on search listing. Proper SEO technique will ensure volume of traffic to the site, it will generate leads and there will be return on investments.

It is not easy for horse racing site to rank higher on search terms such as “horse racing” or “free racing tips” because a large number of sites are already ranking high for those keyphrases. Find keyphrases that are highly searched for with low competition from other sites and optimise your site for these phrases. You can go for long tail keyphrases. For example: horse racing tips Sydney, free bets Sydney horse racing, Sydney horse racing tips. Find out the amount of competition for these phrases with Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Once you found the right keyphrases, you can optimise the content of your website. If you’re unsure how to do it right, it is highly recommended to employ an SEO expert. They will help you attract larger amount of clientele to your site and ensure profitable results.

In the past, horse racing fans need to read the papers or listen to the radio to get news on their favourite horses. Over the years the technological evolution has affected the sport. The wonder of technology has given us social media. Today, horse racing fanatics can use social media to get real time news on their favourite horses. Twitter became the primary source of racing news. They can follow horse racing bloggers  and trainers like Gai Waterhouse for news, tips and commentaries. Even the tracks provide breaking news  on social media and stay ahead of developing stories by monitoring social media conversation.

Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram helped grow horse racing fan base. These sites were able to let viewers experience the thrill and excitement of the sport. Horse racing fans around the world were introduced to each other and they can now join and participate in discussion on their favourite sport. Social media gave the voice to the common fans, now they can comment on the race after it’s been run. Because people gravitate to social media, it helps drive web traffic to horse racing sites and help build their brand position. Aside from it social media also helps generate leads for horse racing betting sites.

Once horse racing fans are attracted to the social media fan pages, the next step is to convert them into leads then punters. There are variety of ways your social media pages can help capture leads. If you have a lead generation form on your website, you can add customized tabs on Facebook to facilitate lead capture. You can add “Contact Us”, “Click here” or “Subscribe” tab to easily capture leads without sending punters away from Facebook. Competition can increase page likes and generate leads. Use competition to gather extra information on your potential customers. You can encourage people to join your competition by asking for their email address or personal information before joining. Choose a prize that will attract punters to join. Pro Group Racing has a Free Trifecta competition on Facebook. The winner wins $200 if he is able to guess the first, second and third winning horses.

Potent Call-to-Action links will encourage visitors to give their email address or phone number. You can also use a good image or a tip to enhance your message. When a visitor clicks on the link, they should be sent to a relevant landing page where they can fill their information and your sales team can begin conversation with them. Your existing customers can become your brand ambassadors. Make your existing customer active on your page by encouraging them to join conversation. Thank them for their participation and give them relevant content to be shared with their friends.

Cross promote all your social media accounts on your profiles and updates. Post your blog on Facebook, Tweet your Pins, and share your Instagram photos. Involve your social media accounts in your horse racing SEO and lead generation efforts.  You need to have tenacity and patience, don’t expect your site to rank high on search engine within the first six months. It takes a lot of time and hard work in writing relevant content and optimising your site to make it more visible to people.