Various kid-friendly destinations for their school vacations around Sydney

school vacations, among other holidays, have become some of the days that single and working parents dread especially if they do not have reliable caregivers for the kids. On the bright side, however, these vacations are scheduled for and parents can plan to have their vacations coincide with those of the kids to maximize their time together during this period. There are many activities that parents can engage in with their kids as well as various school vacation excursions near Sydney which can be visited. All it takes is planning and mapping those which you think will be most educative, fun and engaging for the kids and within a budget that you are comfortable with. some of the locations around Sydney which can be visited include;

Go camping- this can be a very good bonding experience for the family. The classic sharing of stories around a campfire and gazing stars at night can be a very memorable experience for both the kid and parent. There are various camping sites located around Sydney which include the Cockatoo Island, Royal National Park, etc. If you have never gone camping before, be sure to take a look at the camping guide which will show you the various skill that you might require while out on the camping site.

The Blue Mountain Fairmont Resort-  it is located 90 minutes away from Sydney and has a kid zone equipped with a merry-go-round, a mini train which gives the kids a tour of the hotel’s scenery, a heated pool, and electric convertible cars among others. The parents as well have various areas where they can relax and enjoy just as much.

Hunter valley- even though most parents think of wine when they think about hunter’s valley is wine, there are many activities which they can engage in with their kids here. The place has a huge green field where kids can play around, a zoo, caravan park, chocolate, and fudge company alongside delicious foods and is affordable.

The central coast- there are many activities here which children can enjoy as well as learn during their visit. The Wyong Milk Factory can be used to show kids the cheese-making processes, exquisite waterfront views, the water dragons club which is always operational on school vacations or you could go on a kayak along the Wyong River.

Wollongong- of the many school vacation excursions near Sydney, this can be considered as one of the best places to go with families that people do not know about. There are various fun family activities where families can go to such as the Symbio Wildlife Gardens, the Glenbernie Orchard, etc. which can make up to a day of cheap activities that families can enjoy. They additionally have spectacular views and designated kid areas during school vacations.

Atura Blacktown- this is majorly an art-inspired hotel with a lot of beautiful artworks and unique touches that the parents will enjoy just like the kids. there is as well an outdoor pool and it is close to the skyline and Wet ‘n’ Wild Drive-in. If you are looking for vacation excursions and excursion school near Sydney you can visit