The Darling River run ranks top among Australia’s most iconic touring routes. It offers a real laid back and fun-filled outback experience, all covered in nature’s iconic beauty. The Darling river run which is along one of Australia’s longest rivers is considered among the great outback expeditions in the country.

Darling river is located in a region mostly referred to as the ‘accessible outback.’ The region is easily accessible as you’ll need less than a day on your four-wheel drive to get there from any of the east coast capitals. Therefore, if you love a true adventurous experience with your darling partner, why not try the romance of a 4×4 tagalong Darling River tour.

What is so Special About the Darling River Run

Like any other Australian outback, the Darling River Run is a fascinating region to travel through. It’s easily accessible; however, good preparation and planning will guarantee an unforgettable, enjoyable expedition. Part of the preparation also has to entail researching and finding out about the best places to enjoy your romantic time out.

Traveling over the Darling river run is not an easy drive from one point to another. It’s rather a perfect journey that allows you to experience the Darling River and the towns’ attraction along its course. However, the Darling river run’s most special experience is an opportunity to experience the best of Australia’s New South Wales outback.

What to Look Out for On the Darling River Run

The Darling River Run’s standout experience is that it can be undertaken in whole or in part. While on the Darling river run, you can look forward to having the best experience in the following places;

The Parks

The rugged national parks along the river bring you into touch with nature as you stay on your four-wheel drive from Walgett to Wentworth. This is a 728 KM drive that could be exhausting and boring to your partner. Probably it’s why you should consider carrying along with a book! A piece that offers a feminist empathy for women enduring tough outback tours is an ideal pick to keep her cheered up.

You can also drive to the red sandstone, woodlands, and floodplains. The trip will take you approximately one hour, where you’ll get to enjoy these beautiful sites that stretch from Gundabooka Range to the banks of Darling River.

Traversing the Darling river run allows you to pass through a record eight towns. These are

  • Walgett
  • Brewarrina
  • Bourke
  • Louth
  • Tilpa
  • Wilcannia
  • Menindee
  • Pooncarie
  • Wentworth

Wentworth; End of the Run

Wentworth marks the end of the Darling river run. It’s a perfect outback town that is situated at the confluence of the Murray and Darling rivers. At Wentworth, you’ll find riverside wineries to enjoy with your partner, ancient sandhills to explore, and heritage paddle-boats for a one –time romantic cruise.

You can also visit the Perry Sandhills, 6kms west of Wentworth, one of Australia’s important indigenous heritage areas.

Final Thought

The Darling River is among the Australian outback’s most popular rivers. Driving along the river run allows you a glimpse into some of the best adventures of the outback. This spectacular drive that follows the Darling river up to its convergence with Murray yields some of the best historic outback treasures and ancient Aboriginal heritage along the way.