Everyone is trying to find ways they can stand out and build their business. Sadly though, this has been a living nightmare for many. More often than not, this is brought about by lack of quality leads for their business. Today, lead generation techniques have evolved into something every business needs to survive.

To generate a potential customer’s interest in your product or company, lead generation has to be your top marketing tool. Self-Managed Super Funds are known to be attractive with immense potential to offer great retirement’s plans and benefits. But how do you get this out there?

SMSF Self-managed super funds

There are plenty of superannuation funds all providing amazing retirement fund plans. But none comes close to SMSFs due to their extensive range of plans and other services. But that alone is not enough to put them on everyone’s map. They still need quick results, increased productivity and reduced costs, which can only be achieved through lead generation.

Normally, the company itself can do this or it can as well hire someone else to do it. It’s done through internet, and it demands skill, competence and experience. Either the company itself or the hired agency comes up with websites on which the services for which the leads are to be generated are promoted. Upon reaching those websites, the potential customers complete an online request form requesting information from the company. Note that the way you interact with the customers has to be sort of persuasive, but in a gentle way of course, in order to convert potential customers into loyal customers.

In addition, always remember to create an interesting and attractive impression such that the moment a potential customer lands on the particular page, they’ll be quick to decide to buy into your ideas. Here’s a list of other options that SMSFs can use to get more leads

• LinkedIn Marketing
• List builders
• E-newsletters
• Free classifieds
• Forum marketing
• Blogging
• Content/Article marketing
• Social media marketing

One other key aspect is the keyword research. Here is the search volume for SMSF consultants just within Australia:

smsf 6600 local searches per month

self managed super funds 4400 local searches per month

self managed super fund 2400 local searches per month

self managed super 770 local searches per month

As you can see, it’s pretty clear the numbers are quite high. So how does one make good use of that? Well, one common way would be through search engine optimization. Optimizing the keyword use in your web content could get your site high on the giant search engines, and, as a result, generate more leads for you.

Lead management

In order to have correct figures for your return on investment, you’ll definitely need to follow up on the performance of your leads. Hired agencies can perform the task quite well for you.

Bottom line

Both in-house and outsourced lead generation bring admirable results. SMSFs target many potential customers, who by good chance can come across the leads and end up as members of the organization. Overall, as observed above, lead generation is like the lifeblood of any business, and the choice to make the desired change entirely lies with the management. Don’t let this go to waste, choose wisely