You might be wondering the road to take with your business to achieve higher ROI, upgrading your switchboard, or installing security cameras.

In this post, we discuss the two options. And the most viable one to help your business gain better ROI.

The truth is, both switchboard upgrades and security camera installation have a positive effect on your business. But when do you need to apply the former and the latter to compare results?

First off, your switchboard is the primary electrical distributor that feeds each safety fuse and main switch. And there are some telltale signs to look out for that will tell you that you need a switchboard upgrade. Some of these include old wiring, flickering lights, ceramic fuses, black/brown light sockets, and so on.

With all these issues, you will need to do a switchboard upgrade for some of these reasons:

  • Protecting employees from accidents such as electrocutions- Nothing will make you a better employer, such as having the interests of your staff at heart. And this includes ensuring work safety so that they do not get electrocuted.
  • Protect your assets and property from a potential fire: It is worthy to note that old and unmaintained switchboards may cause a fire. And by having a properly installed switchboard, you protect your assets and property from this risk.
  • Reduce maintenance costs: As you may already know, old equipment calls for frequent repairs, and that includes an old switchboard. However, you can reduce maintenance costs by swapping your old switchboard to a new one through a professional electrician.
  • You extend the lifespan of your electrical equipment: If stuck to an old switchboard, you risk enjoying a very short lifespan with it. However, a new one from a professional electrician will make all the difference.
  • Your business gets to comply with providing a safe workplace- When your business complies with these laws, it means that you will not be facing any criminal and other charges. Additionally, if you use high-quality switchboard upgrade images in your marketing, more customers will get drawn to your brand.

Security camera installation is equally essential for your business. Even so, its ROI may be complicated to quantify. For instance, there could be a connection between your camera’s footage and an employee claiming worker’s compensation.

However, most businesses will install security cameras to deter shoplifting hence loss of income. While the same can get used to showing proof of a work-related injury or accident. Also, security systems give insights into a business to show where improvement needs to get made, aisles that customers visit most, and how many customers enter a store. And this data can help boost productivity levels among employees and boost sales.

Even so, digital marketing is all about trackable ROI. And that is why you do not want to ignore the perks of a digital marketing strategist for your business. They will help you with organic SEO, social media development, online marketing strategy, reputation management, and even design your website.

And, as discussed above, switchboard upgrades from a reliable, reputable, and experienced electrical company will give you better ROI.