The Australian complementary medicines industry is collectively worth $4.9 billion annually to this nation. That figure is nothing to be sneezed at, with or without a dose of echinacea. According to industry figures supplied by CMA – Complementary Medicines Australia in their latest report for 2018. This industry snapshot shows that 29, 100 jobs are supported by this industry, and that there are 36, 000 natural health practitioners operating in Australia. Vitamins and dietary supplements are big business, here, and around the globe. Indeed, we export to more than 30 countries around the world. The natural health sector: A winning industry in Australia.

The Medical Establishment Continually Criticises the Sector

Despite all this good news, the natural health sector, has not always been encouraged domestically by those in authority. There is continual criticism from the vested interests involved in the medical establishment and their pharmaceutical masters. You will read newspaper stories and watch media reports about the evils of those who promote natural health. Accusations about rip off merchants and quacks continually abound. The reality is that many more thousands of people die in Australia from mistakes made with prescribed medications than the one or two who suffer seriously from natural health supplements each year.

Highest Quality Manufacturers of Herbal Medicines

We have some of the finest quality manufacturers of complementary medicines in the world in this country. We utilise the highest standards in all aspects of the production of these natural supplements and vitamins. Click here to see more of a company which uses the finest quality ingredients and produces top shelf herbal medicines for a variety of conditions and health issues. There are effective alternatives in the healthcare marketplace and they are available online. SEO and online marketing, more generally, has made it possible for many of these manufacturers to meet their markets cost effectively. Consumers can peruse products online in the comfort of their own home and read up on the latest information pertaining to these healthcare products.

A Growing Australian Manufacturing Industry

The natural health sector: A winning industry in Australia, which is helping us maintain a manufacturing presence. This sector is actually growing rapidly, whilst many older industries are in decline or no longer exist in this country. The natural health sector is something that should be applauded and encouraged in this country. Health and wellness are big business all over the globe and our smart companies are leading the way with exports into Asia. Good times are ahead for this sector in terms of profits and expansion.