Last year, there were high numbers of marriage cancellations by couples in Australia due to the global coronavirus pandemic.  During the initial period of the outbreak, there were minimal restrictions. The reason for the slow response is because no one knew much about the virus. As panic spread across the world, wedding events were considered super spreaders. The government had lockdown protocols instilled to limit the spread of a deadly virus by banning large gatherings. Over a limited time, the world faced two waves of the pandemic, and businesses are now adapting to the new way of life as medical researchers are finding a vaccine.

Wedding Planners are Adapting to the New Business Processes

Businesses find relief because of the easing of events restrictions in Melbourne and other cities across the country. Couples are moving forward to setting up new dates to have their wedding and start a new chapter in their lives. Wedding planners are reaching out to potential clients by showcasing a wedding dress collection online. The strategy helps curb the spread of the virus, and it is critical in gaining a competitive advantage. Larger businesses are creating awareness of their brand by the social media marketing of luxury bridal apparel and accessories. Using digital media platforms is beneficial to all kinds of ventures.

Rules and Restrictions towards Safe Wedding Ceremonies in Melbourne

The wedding industry in Australia was facing challenging times from the restriction of public gatherings. However, businesses are resuming operations by observing the safety protocols for limiting the spread of COVID19. Here is what wedding entrepreneurs are ensuring safety;

  • Public venues need to accommodate one person per 2 square meters, while the reservations for private events are for 15 people, excluding the planners and videographers. Tables will be at least 5m apart.
  • No self-service or buffet allowed. Organizers can deliver food to the table or divide the portions at the table.
  • Guests can dance, limiting contact with each other by maintaining social distancing.
  • It is a requirement to put on the mask except when taking meals. However, the couple does not get to wear a mask during the event unless otherwise.
  • Wedding planners and personnel need to have their masks on throughout the ceremony.

Entrepreneurs in the wedding industry need to come up with a safety plan against COVID19. Clients can use it to discover ways the business intends to protect them and their guests in a wedding ceremony.


When planning a wedding event, it is vital to notify guests of the safety requirements. Any individuals feeling unwell or having symptoms of COVID19 can refrain from attending. However, it is crucial to take the initiative to protect yourself. Avoid kissing and hugging other people, even if you consider them family. We need to protect each other.