Writing about health is not seen as a sexy pursuit in the way that authors of thrillers and fantasy may be perceived by their avid followers. The health space is considered to be a strictly non-fiction realm but in actual fact there are more bullshitters operating here than anywhere else. Writers in the digital health space: A novel approach to truth is what I clearly decipher in this time of fake news and pandemic. Making spurious health claims has been around for millennia but the internet provides a never before seen instant platform for more lies and exaggerations than you can poke a stick at.

Unrealistic Health Claims Litter the Prose Like Snakes on the Road

Some of the consequences of these untruths are as traumatic as wisdom teeth removal in the lives they leave diminished and ruined. The nefarious chase for dollars made on the back of unrealistic health claims reminds me of the exploitation of those who believe in higher powers or god. Both good health and god are intangibles sought after by the needy and the desperate. The removal of common sense when seeking miracles is a shared phenomenon by both groups. Indeed, there are many intersections occurring between these parties. Writers in the digital health space: A novel approach to wishful thinking in the 21C highlights these activities.

Outlandish Claims About Cure-Alls and Miracle Superfoods

Many of these digital health sites are making a splash via social media management, here in Australia and abroad. Professional content writers and marketers are beefing up vegan messages with plenty of verve. Freelance writers unencumbered by fetters of integrity are serving up content to please their money-making masters. Fake news on social media platforms and the demise of the traditional media has seen truth take a back seat on a fast-moving bus. Digital health writers carry the flag for outlandish claims about cure-alls and miracle superfoods.

New therapies are discovered daily and some tried and true ones are revisited cyclically. Good health like god is seen as a nirvana of warm and fuzzy feelings that make you better. Writing in the digital health realm is akin to a bulletin board for the latest extraordinary gambit claim about some obscure bush food or Amazonian tree. The more novel the approach the more publicity garnered by the PR agent and the marketing team. Writing about health demands a vivid imagination in this day and age.